Harley Davidson Trike Tri-Glide Freewheeler Comfort Lift Kit

Price: $124.95




Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides (all years)

Freewheelers & FLHXXX

  Experience a More Comfortable (Plusher) Ride


Increase the Height of the back of your Trike by 1.6 inches

~ Looks Better ~ Handles Better~ Rides Better ~

MADE in The USA!



  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
  • CNC Cut from Steel Billet
  • Comfort Lift Replaces the Stock Shock Bracket
  • Raises Rear Shocks 1.25" Higher than Stock Mounts
  • Unique Design gives a plusher ride than the standard Lift Kit
  • E-Z Install ~ Comes with Step-by Step Instructions
  • Made in The USA!




"The more you have a cantilever (angle) on your trikes shocks, the smoother the shocks will operate."

 George of Pro-Action Shocks


The Comfort Lift Kit replaces the stock shock mounts of your Harley Trike.  It gives an increase of 1.25" at the shocks and 1.6" at the rear of the bike.  This is the same as the Standard Lift Kit.  

What is different about the Comfort Lift from the Standard Lift is it also slightly changes the angle of the shocks rearward on the swingarm.  The suspension now absorbs more of the smaller and larger road imperfections, resulting in less of the bumps being passed on to the rider and passenger.

Net result is a Smoother, Plusher ride.



The Comfort Lift works  with all Tri-Glides, Freewheelers, & FLHXXX Models.

These will work with your Stock Shocks.

They will also work with aftermarket coil over shocks like the Progressive 440, 444 shocks, and Pro-Action Street Series Shocks.

The provides Comfort Lift is a plusher ride than the Standard lift in all cirucumstance except for the following:

If you are running the Maximum PSI AND the shocks are regularly bottoming out.  This typically only occurs when running over the maximum rider/passenger/luggage of 540 lbs AND on very poor roads.  

We have many Customers running a total load of 500-600 lbs, but since they are Not bottoming out regularly, the Comfort Lift is preferred for them.  However, if load AND road conditions have you bottoming out on a regular basis, it is better to run the Standard Tri-Glide Lift Kit.

Experience a Plusher Ride on Your Harley Trike!!!


"I installed this kit on our 2014 this past weekend.  Could not get over what a change it made.  This is the way it should ride and handle from the factory...best modification you can install on any trike (Tri Glide)." - Moe55